NMRbox Documentation

Account Creation

After you register for an account, the NMRbox staff will validate your academic, government, or not-for-profit status and you will receive a welcome email with your username and temporary account password.

Accessing your dedicated NMRbox VM

Use RealVNC Connect to access your NMRbox VM at: username.nmrbox.org on the default port 5900.

For step-by-step instructions, consult the following quick start guides:
    Quick Start (OSX)

    NMRbox servers require that you use RealVNC as your VNC client.
    Installation and access on other OSes is very similar - refer to the OSX guide and contact us if you have questions.

Password Management

You can reset your account password according to the instructions posted here.

User Dashboard

A "Login" button has been added to the homepage in the top right menu bar. This connects you to your "user dashboard", where you can update your profile and change your password.  Additional features coming soon...

General Information

NMRbox FAQs (this static PDF is being migrated into the dynamic FAQ manager)

Primer on using the terminal

Support is available at: support@nmrbox.org

Release Notes


Release v5.0

Release v4.0

Release v3.0

Release v2.0

Release v1.0 (beta)