Collaboration and Service

CS components of the Center utilize existing, mature capabilities to advance a biomedically important project. In contrast, DPBs involve development of new methodologies and tools, within the context of the TRD components.

David RovnyakBucknell
A Curated NMR Data Processing Social Media Presence
Angela GronenbornPittsburgh
Investigation of amide proton chemical shift outliers
Tatyana PolenovaDelaware
Nonuniform Sampling and Maximum Entropy Reconstruction for Magic Angle Spinning NMR Spectroscopy of Large Protein Assemblies
Homayoun Valafar South Carolina
Software for RDC analysis
Mark Foster Ohio State
GUARDD: Graphical User-friendly Analysis of Relaxation Dispersion Data
Gerhard WagnerHarvardPractical implementation of non-uniform sampling in advanced multidimensional NMR experiments for biological macromolecules